Application Assistente & Architecture

We are proud that our consultancy is probably the first team of rural  consultants operating in Spain. 

Our Portfolio is tailored to the needs of the individual practice in diverse fields in rural locations.

Powerfields consultancy is headed by André Broessel who has worked with all the significant renewable groups in addition to numerous organisations (KPMG, PWC and other) and universities. He also is an architect, specialised in zero-energy buildings and pre-fabricated building skins. As well as being consultant, he is experienced in patent applications and intelectual property. André is assisted by Grace Kisame and team players from rawlemon solar architecture.

Grace D.C. Kisame has a Masters degree in International studies. Prior to joining the team, he worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Regional office Panama on Conflict and Environment. In addition to being an environmental consultant, he is able to assist firms in preparing blockchain application.

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