Websites & Marketing

Websites & Marketing

A presence on the web has become the most powerful tool for marketing today. Unless the decline of traditional forms of advertising, organisations need to take steps to effectively market their services and products. 


Powerfields consultancy assist organisations to: 

  • undertake objective assessments of their web presence concept and design;
  • identify online sales opportunities and targeted product placement;
  • consider social network acquisition and field related platforms;
  • develop image videos and render corporate images; and 
  • provide assistance with the cybersecure development and integration of accessing the web source.

We work either as a Project Manager or as an Introducer with a range of talented designers to build great looking websites that catch the eye of potential clients. 


We offer state-of-the-art marketing consultancy services to all legal organisations. 

We assist clients in developing marketing strategies that are cost effective and, importantly, generate a return on investment. 

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