Business Architecture

A revolution is underway to transform the 19th century construct of capitalism, facing the world’s most formidable challenges of poverty, social inequity and the accelerating climate crisis. The current status quo is untenable and unsustainable and the environmental catastrophe is imminent. Organisations are finding themselves needing to develop robust business strategies and development plans so as to respond to the challenges ahead. 

Powerfields consultancy assist organisations to: 

  • undertake objective assessments of their business and their competition; 
  • identify future opportunities, conflict of interest and marketing initiatives;
  • consider sustainable acquisition and procurement;
  • develop realistic strategic business and marketing plans; and 
  • facilitate management and departmental meetings and provide assistance with the development and integration of revised business architecture.

We regularly advise on the implementation of effective business models, that provides a great deal of source material for business capability modeling, information modeling, program and project modeling, process improvement, and program governance. 

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