Circular Economy

New markets with advanced technologies and management approaches are arising. The demand in water, energy, waste and resource areas is turning towards intelligent concepts instead of the old reactive end-of-pipe technologies. Cleantech  and material flow management will be major exports in the near future, in areas such as the energy industry and manufacturing. 


Material flow management links intelligent technologies with efficient, interdisciplinary planning approaches and systematic methods. This enables the activation and realisation of substantial potential at a microeconomic and macroeconomic level. 

Powerfields consultancy assist organisations to identify and develop: 

• integrated consideration of the entire social system (consumption, supply and waste disposal, infrastructure, commerce and agriculture etc.) and its industrial activities; 

• linking of material and energy flows intrinsic part to the system and networking of the corresponding players; 

• utilisation of potentials intrinsic parts to the system (raw materials, waste materials, processes); 

• increased implementation of renewable energies and secondary fuels 

• increase of energy efficiency in the private and industrial area 

• decentralisation of the energy supply 

Our Circular Economy service is aimed at ensuring you achieve material flow   management at a pace that is suitable for you with as much input and guidance as you may need from us, whilst ensuring it remains cost-effective. 

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